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Former Employee - Arrears Executive says

"Prey on the vulnerable. Fca should shut them down. All about greed and no customer care. Seniors are bullies and are the first to admit they have no idea what they are doing."


"Poor HR management. Turn over of staff is high due to micro management and poor man management of employees."

Former Employee - Customer Account Manager says

"not very well managed needs a lot of infrastructure corrections"

Former Employee - New Business Development says

"Management is absolutely shocking. No feedback given. Only time your spoken to is when you get told off. No motivation or support. It stems right from the top all the way down. Very poor management."

Current Employee - Inside Sales Representative says

"Inconsistent income, not very structured job description"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very long hours with the company"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lots of travelling to meet customers"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Long hours and a great deal of stress for no extra money"

Branch Manager says

"the company expect you to go above and beyond contracted hours very frequently"

Underwriting Administrator (Former Employee) says

"They let me go before contract was done due to no loans coming in. We were pretty much doing nothing in the office so they started sacking people due to no work"

Branch Manager Designate (Former Employee) says

"Management force you to put through loans to literally anyone who walks through the door. Breaking any rules you like to get it passed. Then moan at you for not collecting the payments. 90% of the job is phoning people to pay back loans they couldn’t afford to start with."

Branch Manager / Underwriter (Current Employee) says

"Took job for underwriting and management experience but the role quickly turned in to a predominantly collections role and was micro managed at every stage. Cons: Long hours. Monotonous calling. Little job satisfaction. Staff are just a number"

arrears manager (Former Employee) says

"Avoid. great team under a few so called team managers who find it necessary to shout at employees. one incompetent HR person who does not have a clue about processes as there are none in place. team leaders listen in to private conversations. they want to sack you even though they recruited you. send you home sick then sack you for sickness. no customer care policy just bully them to get the payments in."

Account manager (Former Employee) says

"it was a great place to work however their management and structure of the business was terrible and required a massive amount more improvement. overall not to bad if you have no moral calender"

Loan Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company for around two years. They hired me based on certain guarantees and promises, however the moment I began work and signed all the contracts those guarantees became null and void. The working environment is pressure orientated with no let up, short staffing is a constant problem as people leave as fast as they can employ new ones. No support or contact from head office other than constant pressure to write more loans and setting targets impossible to achieve to make sure you never get bonus. Constantly changing goals and morally ambiguous ethics when it comes to how they want you to take on new clients. Cons: See above."

Deputy Manager (Former Employee) says

"was a good company to work for. hours where not right for me as changed from when first starting. good rates of pay. good traing in place.good working conditions. Cons: hours"

Branch Manager Designate (Current Employee) says

"Every single day is different on this job, On a typical day its all about collecting on unpaid accounts and processing new loans. Sounds simple but there is a great deals that goes on in between. As a branch manager designate I am responsible of running the branch as per company polices. Treating every customer fairly and with utmost professionalism. Cons: Not much growth"

gwaredd sithech says

"I wouldn't bother contacting the financial Ombudsman Service if you have been scammed by these as i did that and just recieved an email with the outcome being FOS has sided with l2g 😡"

Craig Carr says

"I was in some financial trouble and out of sheer desperation, I went to my only option loans2go and they offered me a loan of £1000 with an insane amount of repayment equaling £4000.

Well, I tried to repay the settlement early but was still needing to pay nearly £4000 so I just stopped paying it and it then defaulted.

So about 6 months later I tried to make an agreement with them telling them I would pay £2000 and call it quits to just get them off my back. I thought this was acceptable as i'd already paid back over £300 so they would have earned £1300 interest in 6 months. But obviously, the absolute scammers that they are they wouldnt accept.

Well, How glad am I that they didn't because I took it further and went to the financial ombudsman.

Now, I am going to suggest that you all do this because I am pretty sure anyone desperate enough to use this company will have some defaults or CCJ's on their credit reports.

The financial ombudsman ruled that they shouldn't have given me the loan and loans2go should have done more research into my financial situation as it was clear from what they could see on my credit report that I was struggling financially.

The ombudsman ruled that I only need to pay back the money I borrowed with no interest and loans2go have to remove any negative remarks from my credit file.

So please, if you have used this company, please get in touch with the ombudsman as this crooked outfit is so very close to getting shut down so play your part in hammering the final nails into their coffin.

Now imagine they just accepted my offer in the first place i'd have been out an extra 1300 and still had my defaults.

It feels so good to finally get one up on these crooks."

Scott jepson says

"SCAM!!!!! I applied for a loan of £250 then they sent me the interest rates and how much I will be paying back before i actually said I wanted the money. This is disgusting and surely not legal. I've not paid it because its way too expensive and not its been sent to debt recovery for £650 even though I've already paid about £350 back they still are claiming I owe them £650. Well not a chance they will see a penny of that."

chrisopher lockley says

"Scam company avoid at all costs. How are they even still allowed to do this."

Steve Mason says

"I am now facing bankruptcy thanks to these shysters - STAY WELL CLEAR"

Michael Green says

"Please Please save yourself the headache of dealing with the scam.
They will send you the money before you get told how much its going to cost you.
Its a scam company avoid using them at all cost they are not honest or professional."

mark leach says

"I have been a customer for a long time and have not defaulted.At a time of family major traumas and personal need, they are a curse..Not helpful at all."

Tamara Pilkington says

"DO NOT USE!!!!!!!

What a scam of a company, how are they even allowed to trade?

Paid £450 already of a £1000 loan, asked to repay early and told still £1100 to pay!! It cost me over £500 for 2 months.

Don’t use, they don’t care and are ripping people off. Avoid, no matter how desperate for cash you are. Complaining as these people are offering 18 month loans at payday loan APR rates. Disgusting."

Matthew says

"Pure evil this off their own site:
Max APR 1276.1% (based on £550 over 18 months).

Representative example if you borrow £550 over 18 months at a flat rate of 207.6% per annum (fixed) with a representative 1013.3% APR you will make 18 monthly payments of £125.71, repaying £2,262.78 in total.
Do not use also this company have made 3 hard searches on my file ignored my communication I never applied with them you are going to sorry you tried to involve my name with your so called company"

Louise Froggatt says

"They will make sure they have you at rock bottom with you mr health just to make sure they get every last penny out of you and then try and take your soul if they could please don’t let them do this anyone else"

Perr petr says

"Rubbish. Fraud
I borrowed for 18 payments, they hide agreement, now send new one for 36 payments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Gary Wilkie says


Took out a £250 loan, got the paperwork through and turns out I have to repay over £1000.

They prey on the vulnerable. Avoid at all costs. Read all the reviews."

Louise Froggatt says

"The company keep your money as long as they can no matter if you are in danger of violence and harassment if they keep it long enough they get more interest, prey on the vulnerable as many put looks to be true my poor family friend"

Danny says

"The worst company ever do not take anything from them the interest is insane!"

craig silcox says

"Absolutely disgusting company I took out a £250 loan and have paid over £1000 back they don't reply to emails or my phone calls , if they don't reply soon I will contact FOS and all those who think this company are excellent need to lay off the glass pipe."

Kim. says

"I used this firm over two years ago now after being redirected from a broker's site to theirs. Only wanted a payday loan of £50 and that's exactly what I applied for. Later that day I received an email from these clowns saying a loan of £250 was now in my bank with a payment rate that was illegal. I instantly stopped card payments from going through. They aren't getting a penny from me. They haven't registered on my credit file either, so no defaults showing, which is good. I looked at the companies value and it's going down fast, they look like a company about to enter administration imo."

Kerise Powell says

"Loans2Go pray on the vulnerable and leech of the weak. 2019 i took out a loan of £350 over 3months, but as soon as it was accepted they changed it to 18months and a repayment of over £1000. If they think they will get a penny from me they can think again. Not only will I take this to FOS, OR THE OMBUDSMANS but take them to court for the treatment and wellbeing of not only my mental health but the sheer diagust in the way they treat people, they send numerous letters calls whatever demanding money. They are bullies and need shut down, why are they still operating this is a criminal act of total injustice. I would not even give them 1 star bunch of robbing con artists."

N/A says

"This company has ruined my life, not to mention my mental health. I have been severely depressed and struggling, been made homeless all thanks to how much lones 2 go have taken from me.
I took out £1,000 and am having to pay back over £3,000 to these absolute criminals. Struggling to feed my family, I thought this would help but has only dragged every part of life down more. I hope these people get what they deserve and suffer as much as I and many others have! I would advise anyone looking for help with money to stay well away from this disgusting business and to rather seek help from people who aren’t out to take thousands of pounds from you in pay back. Using lones 2 go, I can only compare to signing myself up to a life sentence of ultimate struggling. These people NEED to be shut down and this need to happen now before anyone else makes the mistake to even enter their website.
I am appalled that this company is still being aloud to ruin people’s life still today, discussing, absolutely disgusting!!!"

Brian K says

"Very bad company.
Literally started off with a small Loan payed all payments with a larger payment at the start (to reduce the interest)
In a nutshell,
£300 loan
£472 payed (£200 of which in the second month)
£144 asking to settle.....

If I could lower I would.
Tried emailing no reply.
Once spoke on phone they are trying to give me £200 back (payed in feb 21) and carry on with loan....... which I want the loan gone not carried on.
When asked to speak to manager by couldn’t get off phone quick enough very disappointed, awaiting call back......."

Michelle Phillips says

"I applied for a loan yesterday as we needed some extra cash to put towards a meeting car. I only borrowed £250. Was told I was approved. I went back on to figure out the repayments and realised it was 18 months repayments of £57 so for a £250 loan I would be paying back £1026!! That’s just ridiculous. I emailed them saying I wanted to cancel my application. I didn’t hear anything then got an email saying the funds were in my account. I called them straight away to say I wanted to return the money and was told collections were closed. I called back this morning and had someone trying to convince me to keep the funds. No way!! Got out back through to collections and was on gold for half an hour. I think they probably hope people will give up and hang up. Anyway got through to someone and paid the money back quickly. Was asked why I didn’t want the loan and told them because your expecting 4x back what I’m lending. The money has been paid back and I feel relieved! Got the extra cash elsewhere. I wouldn’t use this company. they obviously prey on the weak who are desperate for some fast cash. They keep the monthly payments low but to pay back 4x what you borrow is disgusting. Avoid I would say. The service I received over the phone was good though but I’m not surprised as they are making a fortune out of people"